CJC’s coffee machine/bean grinder series adds BL7160/BL5635 gearless brushless motors.


CJC has successfully developed a new type of brushless motor applied at coffee machine or coffee bean grinders without a gearbox, which is the latest addition to our coffee machine motor portfolio. The motors are specifically designed to adapt to different types of coffee beans and grounds, with high adjustability and specificity.


The brushless DC motor for the coffee machine adopts an optimized structural design with an internal rotor configuration and an internal rotor position sensor, which can easily control the speed and torque. Its optimized structural design brings higher stability and reliability. Without a gearbox, the brushless motor directly drives the grinder disc to rotate, eliminating the complex transmission structure. The blades grind the coffee beans into different degrees of fineness during the high-speed rotation of the mechanical cutting tools driven by the motor, making it possible to grind different types of coffee beans. Therefore, these two models are more compact and stable, and present greater possibilities.


Compared to traditional coffee bean grinders, the biggest difference between these two brushless motors is that they do not have a gearbox and achieve the output of high torque required for grinding solely through the motor itself. The rated nominal torque is 1.8Nm, output power is 400W, and the maximum output torque of the motor peak can reach 5Nm, 700W. Therefore, customers can achieve continuously viable speed regulation in the range of 50~2000rpm as needed, to achieve different grinding speeds and coarseness for different types of beans.


Our coffee machine motors also offer the following advantages:


1. Low levels of noise and vibration. As a brushless DC motor without any mechanical carbon brushes or gearboxes, the motor does not require high speed rotation, thus reducing overall vibration and noise. Additionally, the optimized design of the product controls vibration frequency, ensuring quiet and comfortable use in quiet environments such as homes and offices.

2. Powerful starting and smooth loading speed. The motor uses an outer rotor position sensor design, which, when used with the motor control system, can achieve rapid high torque starting in any position. Furthermore, when the device encounters abnormal situations such as bean jams, the motor can quickly reverse to remove the jam, then continue forward grinding. This function provides reliable protection for product stability and user experience.

3. Equipped with multiple protection functions, providing users with a safer and more reliable experience. Its motor drive board has multiple functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and bean jam protection. Furthermore, the product has undergone multiple certifications, including 3C and UL, verifying its compliance with relevant EMC standards, as well as its safety and durability. Overall, the protection functions and performance of the product are fully verified, providing users with better protection for use.


The BL7160 and BL5635 can be fully customized to meet precise application requirements.

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